I wanted to share with you one of the reports that we got from our wonderful Assistant Manager at our Beaverton Clinic, Mackenzie. Here’s what she said:

“What a month it has been! As I am writing this on the heels of 2023, I am so excited about all that the Lord has done and all that is to come! For this month’s story, I would like to highlight our volunteers and the blessing that they are to us and to our patients! It is such a joy to work alongside them each week. Each of our Volunteer Advocates are special in different ways and it shows in the way that they fulfill the advocate role with their own strengths and gifts. 

First of all, prayer! It is so important we pray for our patients before they come, often with them when they are here, and even after they’ve left. My first month here, we had a particularly sad case. It was a woman who was very far along thinking about getting an abortion. While we hope that she decided to continue her pregnancy, we were unsuccessful in contacting her afterwards. Our volunteer who saw her asked me just the other day if we had learned anything. When I told her we hadn’t, she shared that she hadn’t stopped praying for her. Prayer is powerful. What a beautiful way to keep pursuing these women through covering them in prayer even after they’ve gone.”

“A few weeks ago, I had another volunteer come to me and update me on a patient who was going to be having a baby within the week. She had a lot of hard things going on in her life and was in desperate need of resources. Our volunteer tried calling the patient and left a message. She had such genuine care for this woman and her situation and it was clear that she wanted to do everything she could to help. When our volunteer stepped out for lunch, her patient called back. I took the call and was able to give her resources for housing and food and other important needs. When our volunteer came back she immediately inquired about the phones and if she’d missed anything. The joy on her face when I told her about the call was so sweet.

The last volunteer I want to mention is simply overflowing with smiles and care. She seems to always have a pep in her step—eager to share truth with everyone she meets. It was probably the first or second week of December when she had her first Spanish speaking patient. I showed her how to use the translation company and she dove in! She was a bit nervous at first but she did a great job! She was excited to try it and to serve women who she would otherwise be unable to communicate with.

As she went to end the call something really beautiful happened. She said goodbye to the translator and he stopped her. He thanked her for sharing her faith. He shared that he was a Christian and that he had felt honored to minister and to pray with her. What a special moment! This was her first time using a translator, and she was able to minster in such a unique way! She had the biggest smile when she hung up and said, “Goodbye, Brother”.

I honestly can’t put into words how special our volunteer family is!”


-Mackenzie, Beaverton Clinic Assistant Manager

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