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Real Clinic

Are Pregnancy Centers real medical clinics?   At some point, you have likely heard pregnancy centers like ours referred to as “Fake Clinics.” I...

March Impact Report

See our March impact report here:

January Impact Report

See our January impact report here:


Chelsia’s Story

One year ago we got our first “very early” glimpse of Cub. I struggled a lot those first initial weeks, wavering between anxiety and excitement, and...

The joyful hope and challenge of motherhood

May is the time of year when we honor and celebrate motherhood. We take a day, and set it aside, to acknowledge the courage and sacrifice that it is...

She Saw the Heartbeat

A young woman of 20 (we'll call her Heather) came into the Gresham center for a pregnancy test. She met with our center director Leah and told her...


Stories from Our Clients

We had the chance to sit down with some of our clients at the Pregnancy Resource Centers and hear their stories; watch and learn how PRC has made a...

Testimonies from Our PRC Volunteers

Experience the perspectives of our hardworking volunteers at the Pregnancy Resource Centers and the work that God is doing through them.

Where do I go from here, and who will go with me?

Hear from our Chief Growth Officer, Luke Cirillo, on how First Image is continuing to serve those facing unsupported pregnancy in this current moment.