Mary first visited our clinics in 2012 when she needed a pregnancy test—this is when she found out she was pregnant with her daughter. Fast forward 10 years later, and she got a referral list from Legacy Hospital after finding out she was pregnant with her son, Job. Mary looked over the resource list and, recognizing our name, quickly returned to the Pregnancy Resource Center to receive a new baby basket of supplies for her newborn son. As I asked her about her experience, she gazed lovingly at her 8-month-old, “He’s fun to be around, and he doesn’t cry much. He always hugs me and gives me kisses. When he sees me sad, he tries to make me feel better.” This was apparent as little Job’s face was beaming back at her.

She continued to explain, “I wanted to name my son Job; it’s a name from the Bible.” Her Bible sat next to her, well-used and tattered in places. “I picked Job because of my past, because of so many things that happened. Whenever I see his name, I remember that I want to be strong like Job.”