About Us

Creating places in greater Portland where moms and dads facing unsupported pregnancy can experience abundant life for themselves and their children.

At our Pregnancy Resource Centers, we do that through critical medical services, education and by supporting the spiritual, social, and practical needs of people facing unsupported pregnancy.

Our Mission

At First Image, we work according to the way of Jesus to create places in the world where moms and dads can find a way forward to give abundant life to their children, and to foster renewal for those that have experienced abortion and pregnancy loss.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a community where moms, dads, and pre-born children are so well-loved that abortion never feels like the best or only option and that they experience truly abundant life.

Hear From Our Clients

Our Pregnancy Resource Centers hold a 98% Net Promoter Score (NPS), meaning at least 9 out of 10 women would recommend our services to others they know.

Our Values

Unqualified Compassion

The word most frequently used to describe Jesus is compassion. We do our work by entering people’s lives with love and understanding. There is nothing they need to do to earn our compassion and nothing they can do to lose it.

Redemptive Conviction

We believe that every person conceived is created in the Image of God. We seek to be a living witness to that truth and live that conviction in a way that lifts burdens in the lives of the people we serve.

Jesus-Centered Transformation

We believe that true transformation is centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ. We seek to infuse every part of our work with this core conviction.

Our Story

First Image is part of a larger movement of pregnancy centers spread across the nation. There are currently about 2,500 pregnancy centers. We began as Crisis Pregnancy Center in 1984. Started by a group of churches and Christian business leaders in the Gresham area, it was the 15th pregnancy center in the country.

The first pregnancy centers were started to be a redemptive response to the reality of abortion. They are made up of people who put themselves in the lives of moms and dads facing pregnancies that are in some way unsupported or otherwise challenged. Often, there is a broken or strained relationship with the father of the baby, economic hardships, lack of an adequate network of relational support, and so many other circumstances that can feel insurmountable. Abortion often feels like the only viable option.

Stepping into these circumstances, pregnancy centers offer medical, social, educational, spiritual, and practical services. These are intended to help people experience a depth and breadth of support that enables them to find a way forward toward abundant life for both themselves and their children. This isn’t only about parents choosing life for their babies, it’s also about making sure they have what they need to experience a truly abundant life; where they and their babies thrive physically, spiritually, socially, and practically.

Our services began with pregnancy testing, counseling, baby and maternity clothes, and referrals to critical community resources. In 1999, our name changed from Crisis Pregnancy Centers to Pregnancy Resource Centers of Greater Portland.

In 2001, our centers became medical, and we added nursing staff and limited 1st and 2nd trimester ultrasound services. Our centers are licensed medical clinics and continue to develop our capacity to provide professional medical services, like STI testing and treatment, advanced pregnancy testing, and nurse consultation.

In 2016, our name changed to First Image. Under First Image, we still have our Pregnancy Resource Centers. The overarching name changed to First Image to reflect our conviction that every person conceived is created the Image of God.

We continue to develop our services to support pregnancy in greater Portland with warmth and professionalism. Every client that comes into one of our Pregnancy Resource Center locations (in Gresham, SE Portland, and Beaverton), or meets with us virtually, will work with a client advocate who will walk with them through their entire experience at one of our pregnancy centers. We take the time to go as deep with our clients as they want to go with us. The time we spend, and the deep care we have for the whole person set our pregnancy centers apart from so many of the other options they have when facing an unintended or unsupported pregnancy. This is why clients consistently report how excellent their experience is with us.

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