I met with Cindy and her adorable 18-month-old on a warm autumn day. Her son, dressed in a tan set of overalls, would not stop putting his head on his momma- a clear sign of the affection these two shared. When I asked Cindy how she came to Ava Health, she explained that her OBGYN doctor had a list of referrals, and Ava Health was on that list. She reached out to the Portland location, got in contact with our staff, and made an appointment. However, her doctor’s list was not the first time she heard about Ava Health. She said that because of the nature of government work she was in, she had heard the name of Ava Health mentioned in her workplace as a reliable referral. She knew this was a place that she could get that “special, extra care” that we provide.

Maternity clothes, diapers, and toys were just a few of the things that we were able to help Cindy with, she told me. She mentioned that she was going through a tough time when she found out she was pregnant. When she felt she had nowhere else to turn, she would call our staff, and our staff would go above and beyond to make sure that Cindy’s needs with her newborn were met. She remarked that she had to relearn all over again how to have a newborn. He is not her first, but there is seven years between him and his next oldest sibling.  

Now, a year and half later, she said, “My heart has melted again and it’s heartwarming to see him growing up. He’s developing into his own person and seeing him grow is enjoyable.”