Introducing: Kindred Network

The future of support for post-abortive women 

For most of our history, First Image has been providing Jesus centered support to women who have experienced abortion. It’s been a critical part of our work. We believe it’s deeply important that we are involved in the redemptive work of God in the lives of people who have been seriously hurt by participation in abortion.  

We remain totally committed to supporting post-abortive women in our region- however, in the coming season, we will be going about that work a little differently than in the past.  

For many years, there has been declining participation in our post-abortion healing groups. There are several reasons that may be the case, but it has been a significant challenge to make the connection to women carrying the pain of past abortion(s). 

Currently, we believe it’s the best stewardship for us to sunset Kindred Grief Care in its current form. Crystal McGowen led that ministry for the past two years and has done a fantastic job. She put her heart and soul into the ministry and developed it in so many important ways. The women who came through the program were blessed by her leadership, as was the whole First Image team. Crystal is moving to other things in this coming season, and we are so thankful for her time with us.  

We are also really excited about what’s coming next. At first, we weren’t sure how things would look on the other side of Kindred Grief Care. After much intentional deliberation and discussion, I’d like to share two things about how we are continuing our commitment to post-abortive women in greater Portland.   

First, we are relaunching Kindred Grief Care as Kindred Network. Providentially, there are three incredible women leading ministries to post-abortive women and men in greater Portland. Each of these women have their own stories of redemption (which we are excited to share in the coming months) and either went through or were trained in our own program.  

Garden of Hope

Tina Fortin leads a ministry in Gresham called Garden of Hope.

See her ministry


Becki Herbert leads Redeemed on the west side.

See more

Restored Nation

Jess Layne leads Restored Nation serving Vancouver and Portland as well.

See a short interview by Life Options Network


In early summer, we will be officially launching Kindred Network to connect post-abortive women and men to these ministries in greater Portland. First Image will be an intentional partner to these ministries and an active supporter by telling their stories and helping to build a regional network for post-abortive support.  


Second, at First Image we are going to focus our efforts on providing post-abortive support to the women who are coming into our centers every day. By far, the largest number of post-abortive women and men we see are those who walk into our clinics each day. As it is, we have never had an intentional process to connect them to the support they might need. These are people who, overall, are not coming with much, if any, faith background, and need a different sort of support than what we’ve been able to provide.  

Over the next months, we will be focusing on creating the pathway for clients coming into a pregnancy center to get the post-abortive support they need.  

This is certainly a change from what we’ve done in the past, so please let me know if you have any questions. For my part, I’ll be sure to communicate more as things develop.  

Please pray with us that women and men across our region are able to get the love and support they need to find forgivness, healing, and true freedom in Jesus from past abortion experiences.