The Promise of a New Beginning

We celebrate Resurrection Sunday as the inauguration of new birth. Jesus was made alive again, and nothing was ever the same. The resurrection of Jesus was the ultimate new beginning. History started over.  

When a woman believes that she may be pregnant, and her circumstances are challenging, or the father of the baby is unsupportive or absent,pregnancy feels like an ending.  

It feels like an end to whatever stability she does have. In a very real sense, it may be an end to a relationship, or an end to freedom from a relationship. Ending the pregnancy sometimes feels like the only way to avoid all the other endings.  

I am almost certain you can relate to this in some way or another. Maybe in a different way, or in a manner somewhat the same but we have all had some circumstance, a grief or loss, that was , to us, an end. 

What brings hope when everything feels like it’s ending?  

Hope often comes from the promise of a new beginning. It usually takes a while to see it. Sometimes a very, very, long while. It helps when a friend can see what we can’t see, when an option or perspective we didn’t consider comes into focus. It helps when we can lift our eyes and see further into the future.  

“Hope often comes from the promise of a new beginning. ” 

This is what our pregnancy clinics exist to do. Through our medical, social, spiritual, and personal care, we aim to address the whole scope of what feels like an ending; and with that, the people who step into a center are able to see their way to a new beginning. 

I want to ask that you join us in your giving to foster new beginnings in the lives of thousands of women in our city. 

Our deepest desire is that people would experience the ultimate hope we celebrate in this season-the resurrection of Jesus. And some do. But whether or not they do, we are there to love them well and I’m so thankful that so many like you have joined us in doing just that.  

In this season I pray that you would experience a fresh sense of the new beginning offered by Jesus and have a renewed passion to offer that to others, wherever you are and whatever you do!  

Your Fellow Follower,