I wanted to send a quick note to let you know where things stand in our process to rebuild the Gresham center. Most of you are already aware that in the weeks since the firebombing it has become clear that the Gresham PRC needs a total rebuild.

While the fire was contained to one part of the building, the smoke and water were not. At this point, the process of remediation and gutting the building is well underway. We will be working as quickly as we can, but our current estimate is that it will take 6 to 9 months to rebuild the center. The cost to get the center back the way it was will be approximately $250,000.

We are heartbroken over the destruction and disruption of our services in Gresham. Yet, there are so many hopeful things coming out of this season. A ministry we partner with in Rockwood (near Gresham) has opened its doors for us to operate one day a week out of their location, and we are working through the process of getting that up and running. Giving in response to the fire has been incredibly encouraging.
As of today, we’ve raised $78,935 toward rebuilding the Gresham Center! 

Before the fire, we were weeks away from beginning the renovation. The fire is allowing us to do a complete rebuild of the center, going far beyond what we had originally intended. Insurance will cover the cost to bring the center back to its original state, but we are covering the cost of any work over and above that amount. Because we don’t yet know what that total will be (we’re sure it will be at least what’s already been given), we are going to pause giving toward the Gresham Rebuild for now. We will keep you updated as the rebuilding process and the costs become more precise.

I am so thankful for the incredible outpouring of generosity that has come during this season. While there are some who hate what we do, the voices of support have been by far the loudest in the wake of these attacks, coming from all over the country.

Our most significant financial need in these coming months is security. We have a good plan in place. A few things included in that plan are hardening our physical locations with upgraded glass, ballistic films, monitoring systems, lighting, and physical patrols. We are in the process of adding buzz-in systems and additional panic buttons to each of our center locations. We are upgrading our cyber security as well.

Upgrading our security has been a significant unexpected expense but is critical to protecting our people and keeping our locations open going forward. So far, we’ve spent about $45,000, and anticipate spending between $30-50k more. If you feel compelled to contribute to these critical costs over and above what you might typically give, you can do so here

I remain hopeful and genuinely encouraged during this season. I am so thankful for our staff, volunteers, and people like you who are making the load lighter as we bear one another’s burdens.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reply to this email. I read them all.

Your Fellow Follower,