Some of you have been reaching out because you heard that a group of people vandalized our Southeast Portland Pregnancy Resource Center last night. All the windows on one side of the center were broken, and there was a hateful, anti-PRC message spray-painted on the wall.

The incident happened overnight, and nobody was hurt. We have an incredibly resilient staff. Nonetheless, it is deeply unsettling and puts everybody at all of our locations a bit on edge.

Because of the nature of the crime, it is a federal offense, and we are working with the local police and FBI in whatever way we can.

For a day or two, our SE PRC will be closed, but we are working as quickly as possible to put things back the way they were. We don’t want to miss a single hour to demonstrate compassionate care to every person that comes through our door.

The leak from the Supreme Court this week has clearly turned up the temperature. We knew this would be the case, and that Portland could be a particularly volatile place to be during this significant moment in our culture.

So how do we respond?

#1 – Pray.

Pray for the people we seek to serve in this city; that news of this wouldn’t deter anybody from seeking critical support for their pregnancy needs.

Pray for our team; that we would walk closely and confidently with Jesus. He tells us not to fear because he has overcome the world. Pray we would believe it, without question. Pray for protection. Pray for wisdom to navigate whatever comes our way.

Pray for the people who vandalized the building. People made in God’s Image are not designed to carry so much hate. It erodes the soul. We know how much better it is to walk in the love of Jesus. Pray they would turn away from hate and learn about that love.

Pray for our country; for all those who have authority and influence in politics, media, and culture. We don’t need things to heat up any more than they are, and we need leaders to emerge who have clear wisdom, and genuine humility.


#2 – Engage.

Contentious times understandably make us want to withdraw. Yet, I believe that when the world heats up, it should be a call for us to lean into redemptive work. We have an opportunity to be a living witness to God’s vision for life, in all that we do and say. Let us be that witness!

Here are a few immediate ways to do that with First Image: You can Give, Volunteer, or make a longer-term decision to Join our Team.

Also, our First Image Fun Run and Walk is still happening this Saturday at Blue Lake Park! It looks like we will have a great turn out, and given the location and nature of the event we have no reason to believe there will be any disruptions, but we are prepared if that were to be the case.

I’m so thankful for you, and the support we’ve already received from people here in our city and all over the country.

In times such as these, let us not grow weary in doing good!

Your Fellow Follower, 

PS. Here’s the piece I wrote before on the Dobbs case. Look for more from us on this topic in the coming weeks.