The practical needs can seem endless for the women we serve facing an unsupported pregnancy. There are numerous next steps to take after finding out they are pregnant in our centers. For some, it is how and when to tell their family. They may have to decide on medical care and maybe even the future of schooling or work. With so many big decisions and expenses, baby clothes and practical items can feel just like one more overwhelming thing. The new baby baskets that we offer our clients help practically with much-needed baby clothes and supplies and give us a chance to celebrate and show love to the new mom and this new little life.

So what IS a new baby basket anyways? 

New baby baskets are a “baby item starter kit” that we gift to the expecting moms we seek to walk alongside. These kits were referred to as layettes in our centers for almost twenty years. Which historically was used to describe a set of clothing, linens, and sometimes toiletries for a newborn child. That is essentially what a baby basket is with a few additions. It includes diapers, baby toiletries, swaddles, blankets, bibs, and baby clothes for newborn to six months. We hope that our staff can see expecting moms multiple times before birth. Two months before the due date, we schedule another visit to check in and gift her a baby basket. If our supplies allow, our centers can also offer a completer basket with sizes six to eighteen months to the new mom when the time comes. We always need new or gently used baby clothes and assembled baskets. Each of our three centers can give out five or more a week!

Providing a basket can be a fun and practical way for you to support the needs of women coming into our centers. I mean, who doesn’t love buying cute baby clothes? You don’t have to do it all alone either. Ask your family, church, or professional community to contribute.

There are many different options and questions that may come up as you prepare your basket. Don’t worry; we have got you covered. Check out the tips below, and also, don’t be afraid to e-mail [email protected] for more help and ideas.

Practical Tips and Ideas: 

  1. Don’t forget you can include clean used items in your basket. Consider reaching out to moms in your church for hand-me-downs, even better if you are specific about the sizes you need.
  2. Plan ahead. Let the center know that you and the church will provide some baskets. They may give you specific moms that are due in a few months. This also gives you time to check the sale racks as you do your regular shopping.
  3. Keep in mind the seasons. For example, a baby born in March will not need a 3-6 month winter coat, but they will likely need a sun hat.
  4. Because every mom’s situation is different, please don’t include items that mention family members, especially shirts like “Daddy’s favorite.”
  5. Label and decorate your basket when it is complete. You can tie a ribbon with a girl tag and a rattle on the side of the basket. This not only makes it feel special for our clients but helps our staff easily label it with the mom’s client number.
  6. Get others involved. There are a lot of items needed before you have a baby. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for specific items personally.
  7. Shop the dollar stores for great deals. You can find the best deals on things like laundry baskets, soap, bibs, and ribbons.
  8. Check out our Amazon Charity Wishlist to purchase specific items or get ideas.
  9. Too busy to shop? Gift cards are appreciated and give our staff a chance to buy for urgent needs when supplies are running low.
  10.  Pray for the mom and baby that will receive your basket. God can use your love, generosity, and prayers in a powerful way for our clients. Not sure how to pray? Sign up for our monthly prayer e-mails.

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