Our calendars are looking pretty different going into this fall season, right? If you’re like me, the time that was once filled with church events and kid’s sports is feeling pretty empty. Well maybe not empty, just replaced with trying to keep kids focused during a Zoom class meeting while you attempt to work from home.

Maybe you are not one of us adjusting to virtual schooling but rather you’re actually missing the personal interaction you are used to having through family gatherings and volunteer commitments.

While our calendars and lives may feel very uncertain, can I challenge you to consider the many cancellations and disappointments as unique opportunities?

Maybe the Lord is calling us to use the different rhythm of our lives in this current moment to grow us and give us opportunity to love our neighbors more.

Shown at right are a few ideas that you can do right now to serve our neighbors and support the work of First Image; thank you so much for partnering with us!

– Ashley Mills
Events & Engagement Coordinator


Ideas for sharing in this life-sharing mission:

1) You can make time once a week to volunteer in practical ways, maybe even bring along your family members. Our Centers could use help with washing baby clothes that we receive as donations, gardening and doing yard work outside the building, and deep cleanings inside will help to keep our Centers a welcoming and comfortable place for clients. Hey, and that counts as recess, right? (Click here to volunteer)

2) Use your cleaning-out and purging to bless moms. Our Pregnancy Resource Centers give out new baby baskets every week to our clients so donations of new or gently used baby clothes are always needed.

3) Most of us are taking more walks these days. Why not redeem that time and pray for First ImageSign up for our prayer team and receive updates on current needs so you can walk and pray for clients, students, and Heart groups.

4) And finally, share with others your passion to serve our most vulnerable neighbors. Encourage those in your community to also see the opportunities in this season to use your time, resources, and gifts to love those made in the image of God. (Are you following us on Facebook and Instagram yet?)


[This article is an excerpt from our September 2020 Reflections newsletter; view the rest of it here]