Molly* came to one of our clinics on a cold winter day to request a pregnancy test, and we confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. While she had undergone multiple abortions in the past, she and the father of the baby were adamant that this time, they would not abort.

Molly opened up about how she felt about her past abortions. She shared that they been tough on her, especially the last one, and that she missed her little one. I spoke with Molly about a book that I thought would help her called, “I’ll Hold You in Heaven,” and she was very receptive to the book and the idea that a personal relationship with the Lord could give her the opportunity to meet her little ones someday in Heaven. Molly even accepted a “Knowing Jesus Personally” edition of the Bible.

As Molly continued to share about her past and her relationship with the father of this baby, I realized that there were still challenges that she would face. Yet I firmly believe that God had brought Molly to us to come alongside her, support her throughout her current pregnancy, and plant the seeds of the Lord’s hope and help for her life.

Throughout the next eight months, we continued to see Molly at our clinic. She came in for maternity clothes, and to finally bring her precious daughter in for us to meet. It has been our joy and privilege to join Molly in her determination to parent her daughter. God allowed us to be His hands to Molly and to show His heart and love to her and her daughter. We pray that God will continue to show Himself to Molly and family and that His seeds of love will grow in her life.


*name changed for privacy