We have always regularly evaluated our locations and how we best serve our potential clients. As our Clackamas lease has come up for renewal, we have done a thorough and prayerful assessment of the effectiveness of that location for our next season, and we have decided to close the Clackamas center.

Resources will be redirected to our other three centers – in Gresham, SE Portland, and Beaverton. This is a strategic, pro-active decision, not a response to financial challenges. We believe that this decision represents the best way for us to serve our clients going forward.

For more details about this and other changes happening at First Image, click here.


Here are a few answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the closing of our Clackamas PRC:

1. When will Clackamas close?

July 2nd will be Clackamas’ last open day. Beginning in April, hours will start to be reduced. We have already started to communicate this change to our existing clients, in order to make sure they know where they can continue to receive our services.

Clackamas’ modified April and May hours are listed below:

April hours:                                                  May hours:

Monday 10am-5pm                                        Monday 10am-5pm

Tuesday 1:30-7pm                                         Tuesday 1:30-5pm

Thursday 10am-8pm                                      Thursday 10am-5pm


2. How will clients in the Clackamas area find the help they need?

We are investing heavily in making sure that potential clients in every part of the metro area know where to find us. As our focused digital outreach continues to improve, those facing an unsupported pregnancy from across the city will be directed to the center nearest them.

The SE center is about 6 miles from the Clackamas location, and since many clients are coming from somewhere between the Clackamas and SE PRC’s, we don’t believe this move will hinder access to the people that most need our services.


3. Will this change affect the number of people First Image serves?

Even though Clackamas PRC has the lowest client numbers of our 4 centers, in the short term, we do anticipate that total client numbers will go down a bit. In the longer term however, we believe this move will ultimately help to reverse the trend of declining client numbers – an experience being shared by many PRC’s nationally – by allowing us to offer more comprehensive services and invest in more robust outreach.


4. Where do I drop off donations now?

Your donations are still very important to us. Without our donors, the centers would not be able to function. After March, Clackamas will no longer be accepting donations. However, we would love to continue our partnership with you, and we encourage you to drop donations off at one of our 3 other centers. See a list of center locations and hours here.

Other organizations that may take your donations:

  • Love, INC: 503-650-0153 | 720 Jefferson St. Oregon City, OR 97045
  • Paying it Forward Store: 503-715-1863 | 3130 SE 148th Portland, OR 97236
  • Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church: 503-788-7000 | 9800 SE 92nd Happy Valley, OR 97086
  • Madonna’s Center: 503-653-1595


5. I was considering applying to be a volunteer at the Clackamas center. Where do I go now?

Our 3 other Portland-area centers are always in need of volunteers. And don’t let the distance scare you- our SE center is only 6 miles from the Clackamas location! Click here to see a list of center locations and hours, and contact us to schedule a tour. We would love to meet you!

If you have any other questions, please email our CEO, Larry Gadbaugh: [email protected].