Thank you for praying for yesterday’s  SCOTUS hearing on the case that will impact PRCs. Please continue to pray for the judges as they deliberate and decide on the case over the coming weeks and months. 

Here are a few resources regarding yesterday’s hearing:

1. Update from Michael Farris, who presented on behalf of the CA Prolife Pregnancy Centers at SCOTUS (from his Facebook page).

It went very well in the Supreme Court. The justices were concerned about the clear pattern of discrimination that forced only prolife centers to give the pro abortion message. They were also concerned about the severe restrictions on advertising imposed on prolife centers. It looks very hopeful. I deeply appreciate all of the prayers. It was a wonderful experience and I am so grateful for all of the support and kindness. Even more, I appreciate all of the prolife counselors who bring love and help to women in need so that babies and women alike can be served well.

2. Summary of some of the judges’ challenges of both sides found here.

3. Full transcript of the hearing.

4. Breakpoint article, Becerra vs. Free Speech.

May God have mercy on women, their pre-born children, and their fathers. May God grant that this law be overturned so they can receive the compassionate truth and support for their pregnancy decisions. 

*To view previous posts in regards to this issue, please visit our blog here and here. We will continue to keep you informed as we receive updates.