Multiply Your Life-Saving Impact As The Year Ends!

As the year comes to a close you have an exciting opportunity to multiply your life-saving impact. We know that when women are offered hope and empowered with resources to carry their child, the majority of them choose to give life rather than abort. Such is the power of compassionate presence and practical resources that are given in the name of Jesus.
It’s hard to believe but it only takes $360 to potentially save the life of a child in the womb, and $120 provides all of the services we offer women in our centers. $50 provides one ultrasound. We invite you to make a life-saving impact as the year ends. 

Match this $10k gift!

Between now and the end of the year, December 31st, all gifts up to $10,000 have been matched!
This incredible opportunity has been provided by one of our incredible corporate sponsors, Roosevelt’s Terrariums.

To multiply your life-saving Impact as the year ends, click here!

Update: We were given this great opportunity to match a generous gift of $10k from Roosevelt’s Terrariums and our amazing supporters answered the call! Collectively, you multiplied your life-giving impact to raise $44k for the women, children, students, men, and families we serve in the Portland area. What a way to end 2017 and begin a new year in 2018!