The people we have the opportunity to serve have a wide diversity of needs. Being able to provide material and practical needs to the mothers in our community in the name of Jesus is a significant way we share the love of God, well after a decision has been made to parent.

If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? James 2:16

Zainab came into our center recently with her 7-month-old baby boy, Titan, to get baby clothes and gear after losing nearly all of their belongings in a fire. They were referred to us by an acquaintance who was actively helping the family to get back on their feet after the fire. Zainab, Titan, and the baby’s father are currently being housed in a hotel in the Clackamas area.

I met with Zainab to go through our intake paperwork process and let her know that she would get the chance to pick out a parenting video to watch while I put together as many items as I could to help them out.

We had a great chat about the developmental age of her son and talking through things that would grow her child and her as a parent.

These included talking with him, singing to him, reading to him on a regular basis, and pointing out all kinds of things in his world could provide the building blocks for his future literacy. She was a little torn between which video to watch, but I told her that the retired teacher in me would be happy to highlight some of what was covered in the first video and that she could come back to watch the other one anytime.

I put together a layette of 9-18 month size full of clothes, diapers,  shoes, blankets, etc.  I pulled a pack-n-play that Zainab could use for Titan while they were staying in the hotel. Zainab was thrilled to receive the pack-n-play, layette, baby food and miscellaneous items from our Maternity Closet.

Zainab felt the Lord richly meet her needs through the items we could offer her at our center and thanked us for all the blessings.

It is tremendous that our center has been so richly blessed by donations so we can shower them on clients like Zainab. I praise the Lord that we were able to provide for Zainab and Titan.

It is our desire to minister to the whole person, spiritually, emotionally, and practically. It is our hope Zainab and Titan felt the love of Jesus that day. I plan to follow up with her and check to see if there is any additional ways we can provide ongoing care or community referrals that will help her family as they start anew.

– PRC Peer Counselor