One of the most encouraging partnerships that we at First Image have had in recent years is with The Guardian Project.

These local couples approached us about four years ago with their vision and passion for launching mobile ultrasound centers to reach under-served women facing unintended pregnancies. First Image’s mission has been incredibly blessed by their energy and generosity. We love these people and their heart for Christ and our neighbors who are impacted by sexual brokenness and the threat of abortion.

First Image’s Pregnancy Resource Centers in greater Portland was the first ministry to benefit from The Guardian Project’s mission in 2014. Through their ministry, God provided the Insight Mobile Ultrasound center at a strategic time.

Over the last 3 years, First Image staff and volunteers have been able to operate Insight in different locations throughout Portland, including Portland State University, Rockwood, and NE Portland.

Because of Insight, we’ve been able to serve 456 women, and perform 239 ultrasounds. 88% of those women decided to birth their babies.

Most of those abortion-vulnerable women would not have had access to life-affirming help without Insight. Because of the partnership between The Guardian Project and First Image, we were able to serve those women and their babies.

Seasons and strategies change. It is with thanksgiving and anticipation that we are re-assigning Insight to The Guardian Project to continue their vision and commitment to partner with other regional PRCs to expand their reach through mobile ultrasound.

The Guardian Project and First Image are committed to serving women, their babies, and families who are at-risk for abortion in our region by offering our services in the Name of Jesus Christ, with the compassion of the Christian community.

First Image continues to develop strategies for expanding our outreach to those impacted by sexual brokenness and abortion through our four Pregnancy Resource Centers, The Reality Project, and Heart. 

The Guardian Project remains focused on partnering with regional PRCs to expand their reach through mobile ultrasound. We at First Image heartily endorse the ministry of The Guardian Project. We encourage you to consider praying and supporting them in their ongoing mission.

We welcome your prayers for the effectiveness of our ministries for the saving of lives and leading of people into knowing and following Jesus Christ, for the flourishing of their lives. If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact me at [email protected] or call 503.256.0808 ext. 325 or email our friends at [email protected].

In His Image,

Larry Gadbaugh, CEO