We’re thankful for the godly, wise women and men who oversee the mission of First Image on our Governing Board. Matthew and Paul have just completed six year terms of board service. God has used them greatly in strengthening, protecting, and advancing the ministry of First Image. They testify about the impact of serving on the Board. – Larry Gadbaugh, CEO

Matthew Pierce

Serving on the board of First Image has been a remarkable journey.

What an honor to watch God at work over the past six years!  I’ve learned that when the body of Christ engages in ministering to the spiritual and practical needs of our neighbors, the Lord never leaves us working alone. We have seen His provision through partners, through volunteers, through wisdom from unexpected sources at just the right moment, and in so many other ways.

While the nature of my connection to the ministry is changing for now, please know that First Image will be present in the Pierce family’s hearts and prayers and checkbooks and calendars. To all who serve in this ministry so faithfully: it is an honor to have worked alongside you. May His Kingdom come; and until then, may you abide in Christ, and may your ministry be unceasingly and increasingly fruitful.

Paul Wheatcraft

As I reflect back on the past 6 years what stands out the most to me is the dynamic challenge of maintaining a Godly balance between prudent & wise decisions and faith.

God has equipped me with sound business skills and experience but knowing when to set that aside and step out in faith was a constant topic in my prayers.

I really enjoyed getting to know many of the staff and learn a little about their journey of faith. And of course the testimonies of those who were ministered to by First Image made it all worthwhile. All in all it was a time of spiritual growth for me. Especially since over half of the time I served on the board I was unemployed. Learning to trust God more each day in every area of my life is one of the blessings I take away from the past 6 years.