Way to go everyone! Together we raised $165,745 and had 368 registered walkers. 

Congrats to our top fundraising individual walkers and teams

For other Walker, Team, or Church Totals, please call Kelsey at 503-256-0808 x58 email [email protected].

If your sponsors would still like to give to your or your team, they can give online at fundraise.old.first-image.org/sfl. Additional sponsorships will be added to your final total, but will not affect the Individual or Team winner results.

Top 50 Fundraising Churches

Church Total Raised
Southwest Hills Baptist Church $17,649.81
The Gathering Community Church $14,281.51
Gateway Church $8,102.50
Tri-City Baptist Temple $6,182.25
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church  $5,893.73
Beaverton Seventh Day Adventist $5,651.65
Village Baptist Church $5,570.09
The Well $4,683.22
Open Door Baptist Church $4,598.02
Hillcrest Bible Church $3,909.35
Colossae Hillsboro  $3,792.23
Trinity Fellowship $3,509.98
Hillsboro Household of Faith Community Church $3,420.13
Clear Creek Community Church $3,397.25
Powellhurst Baptist Church $3,263.83
Portland First Church of the Nazerene $2,780.98
Gladstone First Baptist Church $2,481.96
The Redeemer Church $2,249.90
Grace Community Church $1,969.52
Evergreen Community Church $1,775.61
Kern Park Christian Church $1,764.90
Montavilla Baptist Church $1,706.63
GracePointe Milwaukie Church $1,630.00
Grace Point Community Church $1,624.50
Sunnyside Church $1,591.38
Southwest Bible Church $1,512.40
Living Hope Baptist Church $1,481.00
Athey Creek Christian Fellowship $1,475.57
Grace Chapel $1,381.19
Church of God $1,356.43
Horizon Christian community Church $1,330.00
Sunnyside Community Church $1,255.78
Boones Ferry Community Church $1,183.88
Grandview Baptist Church $1,143.15
Rolling Hills Community Church $1,100.00
Somerset Christian Church $1,082.45
River West $1,080.57
Reformation Covenant Church $1,039.00
Trinity Lutheran Church $1,000.00
Hillside Christian Fellowship $944.50
Powellhurst Baptist Church $856.31
Milwaukie Evangelical Covenant Church $813.43
Sunset Presbyterian Church $795.46
Grace and Truth Bible Church Hillsboro $794.14
New Life Church $760.00
Central Bible Church $700.00
Imago Dei $689.91
Valley Baptist Church $646.95
Redeemer Church $610.50