Monica was young and single. She came to our center last spring afraid she might be pregnant. 

She was in school full time and very determined to finish with honors. When the test came back positive, she was upset but stated she had heard pregnancy was something you can choose.

She was going to be a lawyer one day and had her whole life ahead of her.

Even though she would have the support of her family and the father of the baby, she didn’t know how she could be a mother and have a career.

She was blinded by the culture and the messages around her. What is the best decision for you? How will this affect your life? What will this do for your future? You get the make the choice.

The peer counselor was able to sit down and gently speak into her situation, offering support and compassion. She was even open to prayer and hearing a firsthand testimony about abortion. She came in a week or two later and had an ultrasound, but left still undecided. At that time our staff and prayer team were praying specifically for this woman and the life of her unborn child.

Soon after, she let us know she had made her decision.

She felt that her career was more important, and she would have an abortion the following week.

We were heartbroken but held onto hope.

We continued to pray behind the scenes and ask for God’s loving intervention. Through the years we have seen God work countless miracles and bring transformation to the hearts of those who are vulnerable and blinded by lies.

Months later we heard from Monica and she had experienced a change of heart!

While she was in the lobby at the abortion clinic, she was overcome with emotions and broke down.

She couldn’t stop thinking about what she learned at PRC and saw on the ultrasound.

She left the abortion clinic and raced home with tears streaming down her face saying, “I don’t know how this will all work out, but my baby is growing inside of me and already has fingernails. I can’t end my baby’s life. I choose to be a mother and will love this child!”