My name is Eugenie. It’s a French name. I am from Cameroon in Central and West Africa. I came to the United States about 8 years ago. I was an international student at Clackamas Community College, where I became involved with a man on campus and later found out that I was pregnant.

The news of my unplanned pregnancy was a big challenge.

In my heart, I knew what the Bible taught, so I felt guilty and ashamed for being pregnant. In African culture, a pregnancy outside of marriage is something that is not celebrated; instead it brings shame to the woman and her whole family.

The fear of what my family and people would say was overwhelming. I felt so scared and like a failure. I had so many questions.

My boyfriend really wanted me to have an abortion. At first I was against it, but eventually, even I considered ending the pregnancy.

Everything in my life felt like it was falling apart. I had no support, no family nearby, and was not financially stable. I thought, “If I do abort this child, I don’t want to live anymore either.”

However, when my boyfriend and I watched the ultrasound video at Ava Health, with tears in our eyes, we knew we wanted to protect our child and give her a chance to live. I had come to Ava considering abortion, but seeing the image of my baby on the ultrasound screen gave me the hope and strength I needed to carry my child.

Looking back, when I first visited the Ava Health, I was distraught, considering abortion, and even suicidal. I was expecting to be judged and shamed. Instead, I was met with love and grace.

Although none of this was easy, I can see the hand of God through the support of my caring advocate and all of the women at Ava, my sisters in Christ, who stood by me during me during my pregnancy. Ava Health gave me hope and the women at that clinic have an unforgettable imprint on my life.

I found a reason to live, and the joy of being a mother. Now, years later, I give all the credit to God and will never regret going to Ava Health. My daughter is now 8 years old. She is beautiful, healthy, and a true gift. We named her Tresor, which means treasure in French. I believe she is a treasure from the Lord.

There have been many challenges in my life, and many that I face even today, but in the midst of it all, I have seen the Lord at work in the simplest things and I am thankful. As long as I live, I will talk about the goodness of the Lord and His great works in my life.

To God be all the glory.