Four years ago, a client named Arianna walked into the Beaverton Clinic. She was still in high school, just a freshman.

Arianna was smart and driven to do well. She imagined that one day she would own a home, a nice car, and live in a good neighborhood.

All of those hopes were dashed when she was told she was pregnant by her advocate.

She was terrified. Her mom had told her she would be kicked out of the house if she ever got pregnant.

But Arianna saw something different in her advocate. She was kind, loving, and gentle. She did not judge or talk down to Arianna, but treated her like a well-loved daughter.

Arianna was unsure of what she would do after coming to the clinic, but eventually decided that this could be an opportunity directly from God.

Her mother eventually guessed that she was pregnant. Rather than kick her out, she embraced her, saying “I’m going to be a grandmother!”

While still in high school, she gave birth, but planned to carry on her education. Arianna shared her story in 2014 at Steps for Life and our 30th Fall Gala; we had the privilege of meeting her beautiful daughter Isabella.

Recently Arianna came into the clinic just to say, “Hi.” She brought her daughter, and her mother Sandy, visiting the same location she did 4 years earlier. Today, she is a Christ-Follower, and a college student, studying to become an ultrasound tech! Both of which she attributes to the impact the Beaverton Clinic had on her life. She’s now dating a man who loves Jesus and her daughter.

We are so thankful for God’s gracious work in Arianna’s life and look forward to the next update!