Fear is one of the strongest motivations for our clients to abort. 

It can override values and beliefs, driving people to make decisions they later regret.

Lanah recently came to the US from the Philippines with her younger sister, hoping to find a job to send money to her family. They intended to live with their father, but circumstances changed and those plans fell through. Alone, pressured, and facing a unplanned pregnancy without support, she felt abortion was her only option.

I feel so responsible to take care and provide for my sister. It’s part of my culture to carry the burden and send money to my family in the Philippines to protect them from being shamed.


On top of that, I am now pregnant and alone. I told my boyfriend that I was pregnant, but a week later he broke up with me and said I should get rid of it because he couldn’t take care of more kids.


I am against abortion, but what else can I do? I am struggling and afraid to tell my family. I can’t imagine the weight of having to provide for everyone in my family and take care of this baby. I am not convinced I’ll go through with an abortion, but I can’t see any other way. I am alone and terrified. 

With Lanah’s permission, we provided a well rounded approach to her situation. She received support, abortion and fetal development information, and the opportunity to hear a real life story about an abortion experience. She also heard the good news of the gospel and about how God loves her.

Her eyes lit up and she talked about how she believed that Christ died for her and that she is not alone.

She decided to give her heart to the Lord and began seeing how her new found faith could play a part in this situation. 

I am beginning to feel better, but I am still unsure.

Lanah left our clinic that day less afraid, but still undecided. Her ultrasound was scheduled for the following week. We prayed diligently for her to have the courage to come back.

On the day of her appointment, she walked through the front door, ready to see her baby!  

Seeing the life inside of her, she could barely contain her joy and excitement. The baby even seemed to nod her head as if to say, “Here I am, mom! I can’t wait for you to hold me when I get bigger.”

Lanah left holding the ultrasound image close to her heart. Even though life was still challenging, she had a new perspective – no longer bound by fear, but full of hope.