Gabriela’s situation seemed utterly impossible.


Homeless, alone, drug-addicted, working at a local strip club, and pregnant by someone who was now in jail. Her other three children lived with their father. She was grieving the fourth child she had aborted last year.


Feeling lost and alone, Gabriella came to Ava Health desperate, hurting and not having any idea what to do.  She felt her baby was in danger considering her circumstances. Thus, abortion felt like her only option.


The team at our clinics provided her with caring medical services and resources to meet her immediate needs and offered her a different perspective about her pregnancy. They encouraged her to consider God’s promises to intervene and transform her life if she would trust Him.


That was almost a year ago.


We hadn’t heard how things turned out. But just recently Gabriela came to visit us at the clinic.


She was beaming with a smile, holding her little baby girl! She is rebuilding a new life, experiencing healing through the programs of the ministry where she is living. She attends a local church, and is preparing to enter vocational training.


She kissed her baby’s face, and said, “This child is a blessing. My daughter gave me the courage to turn my life around.”