Thank God for Mothers. This holiday marks a time for us to honor and celebrate moms and the sacrifices they’ve made to give life. 

Disappointment and loss in our families due to miscarriage, death, childlessness, estrangement, and other situations can make “Mother’s Day” difficult for some women.

We also grieve with those who have suffered loss and trust in God’s love to bring healing. We are so thankful we can help so many women through the PRCs of First Image to see birthing their baby as one of the most loving things a person can do.

Here’s just one story like that…

The painted letters on the outside of the van caught my eye on my way home from work. It was already late in the afternoon and I had dinner plans, but I felt something in my heart that I hadn’t felt up to this point. My appointment at the other clinic is in a few days, maybe I should just go home.
I’m not even supposed to be in this position. I am so upset. I never pictured myself here. I am a hardworking, professional woman and I have always told myself that I would choose my career and my job over being a mother.
I drove around the parking lot several times doubting and questioning these new feelings. Is this really the best decision for me? From across the street, a woman standing outside the Insight RV smiled at me. She seemed friendly. I decided to park and talk to them.
They told me they are a pregnancy center that offers free tests, ultrasounds and resources for women. I already knew I was pregnant, so I was more interested in getting an ultrasound. It just so happened they had a nurse on staff and could fit me in that day.
The feelings I had a few minutes prior, began to well up inside of me during the ultrasound that tears started streaming down my face when I saw the little image on the screen. Suddenly time stopped and it became real to me, I am going to be a mom! The ultrasound changed everything.