A Heart graduate and First Image staff member sharing about her recent experience sharing her testimony at a local church.

Last Sunday, I had the privilege to share my Heart testimony and the wonderful ministry of First Image, at a local church here. I was very humbled and blown away by the response! God did such an amazing work in so many hearts!

As I came out of the sanctuary, a large group of people stood around the brochure table, waiting to ask questions. Several men and women expressed they loved the powerful video, “The Miracle of Life” 
(available on our website here).


Women thanked me for being their voice since they too had abortions in their past.


A woman shared about her abortion from 40 years ago. With tears she said the loss never went away, that it was always in her thoughts and wanted to know how she could sign up for a Heart group.

One woman wants to volunteer as a peer counselor at one of our PRCs, another intends to volunteer as an ultrasound nurse, and a man is interested in leading a men’s Heart group.

The best part of the many great things from that day was being able to give God all the glory, because it’s only in His strength that we can do any of this! I love encouraging others by sharing the hope we have in God because of the power of His healing and forgiveness in our lives.

I am once again convinced of the importance of trusting God for the courage and love to share my story.


He uses our transparency to stir hope in others, redeeming what we’ve been through, and uses it for good in our lives and in the lives of others. 


Sometimes it is a stretch and can be extremely uncomfortable, but oh how powerfully God can use it!

We all need to continue to share with others in all of our circles of influence what God has done for us and the amazing ministry of First Image.


There are so many who are hurting from carrying burdens that they were never meant to carry. I am so thankful for this ministry that God used to change my life, and I am so thankful to all of you who minister God’s unconditional love to the hurting in our community. I pray God’s blessings on all of you.

 A couple of questions come to mind when reading this story:

  • When a woman faces an unplanned pregnancy, or suffers from the regret of a past abortion, what is the dominant message she hears from our culture?
  • Where can these women and men hear God’s voice of hope for forgiveness and transformation?
  • And where can they find the truth about the personhood of their baby and the resources and support for choosing life instead of abortion?
  • And finally, where can they hear the life-giving, good news of Jesus Christ and His grace and truth?

You probably already know the answers because you have been faithfully engaging with the mission of First Image to live out the heart of God to renew His image in the lives of those impacted by sexual brokenness and abortion.

Each of us has a story to tell. Each of us is unique, but we all have something in common: we’ve been transformed by the grace and love of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we are moved to love these neighbors who need to hear our story.

Thank you for joining us in awakening these women and men to a vision that God has so much more for them in their relationships, their pregnancy, in their reconciliation and healing.

Thank you.

This story is being told day in and day out throughout our community in our PRCs, in high school classrooms through The Reality Project, and through our Heart Program.

I encourage you to add your story to this chorus of hope. You might not have a story of unplanned pregnancy or abortion, but the passion you share in our ministry will certainly affect those who do.

A key way we, at First Image, can multiply the impact of our outreach is to encourage and equip all of our giving partners in spreading the word about First Image in your circle of influence. Staying in touch with God’s working in and through First Image is one way to stir your faith and love in your relationships. Stay connected with what God is doing and the stories.

Every week, I encounter people with stories about the brokenness of sex and abortion – whether they’ve been impacted personally, or their family or friends.

These neighbors need our voice and our compassion. They need to know about First Image and most importantly, they need to know Jesus. And your voice as well as your prayerful giving is essential, for the need is pervasive.

Thank you for everything you already do. Join us as First Image is being stretched to seek God’s grace and wisdom – and joy – to love our neighbors more, so that they can enter the life God has always invited them to enjoy.

-Larry Gadbaugh, CEO