We win, no matter the outcome of the election. That’s because our mission is not dependent on political outcomes. 

Certainly, politics and public policy have serious impact on our families, our neighbors, and our community.

But that has always been true and First Image will remain focused on our compassionate mission to bring the good news to our vulnerable neighbors with the love of Christ. 

After all, our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout most of the world, throughout most of history, have been faithful to love their neighbors, whether the culture or the authorities affirm or allow it.

Whatever kind of world this election ushers us into, by God’s grace, and with your partnership, we will continue to carry out that mission.

I want you to be aware that we anticipate that the 2017 Oregon legislature will be presented with a bill in some form or another that California passed into law in 2015. This law requires PRCs to refer their clients to abortion clinics. Of course, such a law goes contrary to our mission and the alternatives we exist to offer to women and their babies. We are here to promote life, not abortion.

We ask for your prayers for wisdom and grace as we will need to keep focused on the work we do with our clients, while also preparing to oppose this attempt to regulate and eliminate our compassionate outreach. I’ll keep you informed as these things develop after the first of the year.

For now, we have the joyous privilege of opening the hearts and eyes of women to the life in their womb, and the hope of forgiveness and freedom in the Gospel of Christ.

We’re not boasting when we say that no one else is doing the things First Image does in our city. We’re happy to take this stewardship seriously, and people like you are essential partners in this mission.

Thank you for joining us in the work. You play a vital part in magnifying the impact of First Image and our PRCs.

-Larry Gadbaugh, CEO