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Essential tools for Gala Table Hosts! Read below on how to invite and give your guests the best experience from start to finish and beyond.

Every year, our Gala is the most substantial opportunity we have to invite our community to turn our attention to those whom we have the privilege to serve. Hosting a table is an excellent way to invite new people into the mission and deepen the engagement of those that are nominally connected so thank you for opening up this experience to those in your sphere of influence!

Please send all guest information, including First and Last Name, dinner entree choice, and food allergies to Kelsey Fong by September 27th, [email protected], 503-256-0808 x158.

Host a Table / $500

Host a table of 10. Invite guests within your sphere influence to share in First Image’s mission.

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Who Should I Invite?

  • Invite those in your immediate community whom you already have a relationship with. Start with family, co-workers, and fellow church members/leaders.
    • If you have been wanting to get your church involved with this ministry, inviting your pastor or someone in leadership is a great opportunity to introduce them to exactly what First Image does.
  • Those who are passionate about life issues, the people who are hurting in our city, and those who want to spread the good news of Jesus.
    • There are many opportunities to serve within the ministry; the Gala is a good introduction and entry point for those who want to become more involved and put their passions to use.
  • The gala is an opportunity to raise vital funds and extend the reach of the ministry in our city. Don’t feel the need to invite only the people you think can write big checks. There are many ways to get involved!

How Do I Invite Guests?

We encourage you to invite potential guests as soon as possible as calendars fill up months in advance. One of the easier ways to keep track of guests is to send out a digital invitation using a site such as Evite or Paperless Post. You can customize an invitation, include details for the night, and send automated reminders. When guests RSVP, please send along guest information (including First and Last Names, Dinner Choice, Food Allergies) to Kelsey Fong to make sure we have your table’s details.

Example Evite & Text: 

Below is example of language that you can copy and paste into your own personal invitation (feel free to make it even more personal!) To find photo files you can include in your invite or to share through e-mail and social media, click below on the Gala Media section.

The issue of life is critical in our day as we point to the image of God in the most vulnerable among us and declare that each and every person is valuable from the moment of conception. First Image has a vital, gospel-centered and life-giving ministry in our local area. Please join us in celebrating 35 Years at the First Image Gala.

Where: The Red Lion Hotel ( at Jantzen Beach which includes ample free parking and handicap accessibility.

Join us for a unique walk-through exhibit of the ministry of First Image at 5:15pm (including hors d’oeuvres) followed by dinner at 6:30pm. There will be a client testimony and a keynote from Daniel Harkavy. For more info about First Image and the Gala, please visit

Please note that the Gala is an opportunity for people to support the ministry of First Image through volunteering, prayer, networking, or financial giving. If God has placed any of those on your heart, we invite you to come to the Gala as our honored guests.

In your RSVP, kindly include your dinner entree choice for the evening and any food allergies (the venue will do its best to accommodate most common allergies).

  • Flank Steak (gluten free)
  • Herb Roasted Cod (gluten free)
  • Wild Mushroom Quinoa (gluten free, vegetarian)

Attire for the evening is Business Formal.

Can I Host Multiple Tables?

If you find yourself with more guests than seats at your table, you are welcome to purchase another table or additional individual seats and we will make sure to seat those guests at a table next to yours. Be sure to communicate thourougly with your guests that they might not be sitting with you if this is the case. You may also choose to have a proxy host at any additional tables to help facilitate conversation and put guests at ease.

What Do I Need to Do Night-of?

Here are a few things to be aware of before and when you arrive:

  • If you’re not carpooling with guests, let them know if they arrive before you that they are free to check themselves in at our guest check-in tables. All guests will receive their name tag, table number, and meal choice card. There’s no need to pick up all of your guests’ name tags. We’ll be able to see who has checked in and give directions on where to go afterwards.
  • There will be a walk-through exhibit before entering the main ballroom so if you want to do this with guests, you can communicate with them ahead of time that you should meet up together.
  • Guests who have confirmed child care will need to check in their children first. We’ll have a designated spot to do this separate from guest check-in.
  • After checking in, you can wait for your guests out in the lobby (please try not to block entrances or check-in tables) or go straight through to the First Image Exhibit.
  • Some guests may choose not to go through the exihibt and go straight to their seats. While we encourage exploring the exhibit, be sure to communicate with your guests that dinner won’t begin until 6:30pm.
  • During dinner, you can open up the conversation by sharing what you experienced in the exhibit and ask about your guests’ experiences and if they have any additional questions. If there are questions that you are unclear about, you’re welcome to connect them with us after the Gala.
  • At the end of the night, we’ll ask hosts to distribute Response Forms from the Host Packet on the table. Be sure to collect filled out forms and pens, secure them back in the envelope and designated staff and volunteers will pick them up at the end of the night.

What's the Best Way to Follow-up with My Guests?

A personal thank you will go a long way! Make sure to follow-up with your guests with a phone call, email, or card thanking them for attending. If they had any questions, remember to get them connected with us. A good way to keep momentum going is to invite your guests to attend a center tour; we’ll have regular tours going following the Gala. You can also ask for any feedback that they had, both good and bad. We always value constructive criticism and aim to make our events better.

Gala Media

Use these images on social media or in digital invites!