Why is Hosting Significant?

The Gala is the best opportunity we have all year to invite others to learn about the mission of First Image, an important ministry we know you care deeply about. 

We don’t know all the people who can or should be connected, but you do! We rely on partners who are already passionate and engaged to invite those in their community to be inspired by the mission and vision of First Image.  

Here’s what our hosts are saying…

“The opportunity to invite others to hear how God is changing hearts and lives through First Image inspires me to host.” 


The First Image Gala is an opportunity to get dressed up, enjoy a nice dinner, celebrate what God has done through the work of a great ministry and make our friends and relatives aware of the needs and opportunities that they might be able to help fulfill. 


“I would you say to someone who is considering hosting a table; You can do this!  Just think of who you might want to go a level deeper with in this area. 


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Still not sure about hosting a table yet? Contact us at [email protected] before you decide.

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