Love Like Every Life Counts

Sanctity of Human Life Celebration
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What is the Sanctity of Life Season?

The Sanctity of Human Life season demonstrates that every life counts. That’s easy to forget, so we celebrate it every year.

Our neighbors, created in God’s image. face serious challenges. So this is where First Image comes in. This is where you come in.

By entering the lives of mothers, fathers, and the children they carry, we have a chance to love like every life counts.

Because every life does.

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Real stories, like Becca’s, show us the need to love our neighbors.¬†Becca grew up in a biker gang, battled cycles of addiction and destructive relationships, and has suffered multiple abortions. It seemed that her story would continue with more heartache and troubles if not for one thing: God’s people drawing near to her and revealing the value of her life. Through caring communities coming close to a hurting neighbor, Becca was able to break cycles of sin, pain, and loss and find forgiveness and healing from her past abortions.

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The Baby Bottle Campaign

The baby bottle is a symbol of life this season and a reminder to give like every life counts. Take a bottle and fill it coins, cash, or checks. They’ll be collected and given back to First Image and all funds will be used to continue the work of this ministry, including giving compassionate care to the clients we see at our pregnancy centers. Free bottles can be requested for your church during this season!

Click below to sign up your church to participate in a Bottle Campaign. You can also give to the campaign today.

Sign up for the Bottle Campaign Give to the Campaign

Give to the Campaign

$50 Give an Ultrasound

$50 provides one ultrasound. 9 out of 10 women at out PRCs who see their baby on the ultrasound screen will choose life.

Give an Ultrasound

$120 Empower Women

At our 4 PRC locations, we are able to offer so much to our clients. $120 is all it takes for one woman to be empowered to give life.

Empower Women

$360 Save a Life

It takes just $360 to potentially save a life of a child in the womb. When women are offered hope, anything is possible.

Save a Life

Get Involved

Volunteer and give of your time and talents to help make this life-giving work happen

Make a New Baby Basket

Gather baby clothes and items for expectant mother as a practical way to get involved in serving our clients and a fun way to introduce others to the ministry. Get family, friends or a small group together and make some baskets!

Make a Basket

Take a Center Tour

Get in touch and schedule a personal, behind the scenes tour of a PRC. Meet staff and volunteers and learn how a center operates.

Schedule a Tour

Prayer Team

Receive monthly email communications with client, program, and ministry prayer requests.

Join the Prayer Team

Pregnancy Resource Centers

Serve in our centers to give compassionate care to our clients. Train to become a Peer Counselor, Receptionist, class instructor, or volunteer as an Ultrasound Nurse.

Volunteer at a PRC

Local Churches Celebrating Sanctity of Human Life

Get Your Church Involved

Hope International Baptist Church
Rolling Hills Community Church
Helvetia Community Church
Mt. Olivet Baptist Church
Hillside Christian Fellowship
Happy Valley Baptist Church