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To schedule and register for a clinic tour:

Our Beaverton Clinic is currently closed for repairs. Please choose a different clinic to tour!

Come see our clinics through the eyes of our patients and go behind the scenes with staff.

Why does a woman come into our clinics?

What brings her to us?  

We invite you to learn and engage in a patient’s experience at our clinics as she navigates the decision to carry her child.

Just like you, we believe that every person has value.

Yet we know that women (and men) still struggle to navigate the decision to carry their baby.

Take a tour to see how compassionate and Jesus-centered support provides a way forward for moms and dads. 

Engage with the mission of First Image and experience the transformative compassion and care that moms and dads in an unsupported pregnancy receive.



4975 SW Watson Ave
Beaverton, OR 97005
(503) 643-4503


104 NW 11th St,

Gresham, OR 97030

(503) 666-6527  


5117 SE Powell Blvd. #3
Portland, OR 97206
(503) 777-7097