Unleash Your Compassion

We are a group of people compelled to uphold the personhood of our neighbors. 

Abortion is both symptom and cause of many things. We see how complex and challenging the situations facing our neighbors really are, and we are compelled to respond with sacrificial love and compassion.

We know that God has made us in His Image in order to live in relationship with Him. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has made that possible. When God’s people catch that vision our eyes are opened to love for our most vulnerable neighbors; including pre-born children at risk for abortion, as well as mothers and fathers facing unsupported pregnancy.

Our vision is to see the church fully awake to the irreducible personhood of their neighbors, who are made in God’s Image, and living love in compassionate and courageous ways that rescue and restore the lives of many.

What We Do

Pregnancy can be overwhelming. We know what that’s like. Our compassionate and professional team is here to help women facing unsupported pregnancy find a way forward.

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