Our Mission

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Many people are weighed down by the burden of abortion. That kind of loss can touch every part of our life. At Heart, we know what that’s like. We also know there is hope. We’re here to foster hope for a renewed life, where we are at peace with God, others, and ourselves.

One of the ministries that is closest to God’s heart is this ministry… First Image, the Pregnancy Resource Centers: what they’re about is something I’m convinced is of God.

Randy Alcorn

Founder, Eternal Perspective Ministries
New York Times best-selling author

As we continue to carry out this mission well by the way we treat women and their babies – among the most vulnerable persons in our culture – we are signals to our community that every person conceived is created in the image of God, and we find our greatest fulfillment in helping each other know Christ…

Larry Gadbaugh

Chief Executive Officer, First Image