Leadership Transition

Join Luke Cirillo and Larry Gadbaugh as they discuss the leadership transition at First Image, their backgrounds and experience at the ministry, and why this is an exciting moment.

“I am fully confident that Luke will shepherd this mission into the next season with faithfulness to Jesus and effectiveness in advancing the challenging mission of First Image.”

– Larry Gadbaugh

Larry Gadbaugh

Chief Executive Officer
2001–March 2022

Luke Cirillo

Chief Executive Officer
April 2022–Present

Larry’s Announcement Letter

I’m happy to announce in a just a few short months, First Image will have a new CEO! Luke Cirillo will succeed me as CEO on April 1, 2022. 

I’ve had the honor of serving in this role since 2001. God has always provided an excellent governing Board and exceptional staff and volunteers to lead and serve this mission. I am fully confident that Luke will shepherd this mission into the next season with faithfulness to Jesus and effectiveness in advancing the challenging mission of First Image. 

Almost two years ago, our Board and I started exploring a succession plan. Immediately, I thought Luke would be the ideal candidate for this calling. This is proving to be true! Luke has been serving at First Image for over 11 years, first as Director of the Reality Project (three years), then as our Development Director (seven years), and for the last year as our Chief Growth Officer. 

Luke will lead First Image forward in continuity with our core mission, our compassionate and collaborative staff culture, and with the grace and wisdom we need to continue serving women, men, and their babies in this challenging and often contentious arena. He is committed to the centrality of Christ’s Gospel, the conviction of every person being created in the image of God from conception, and compassionately and practically loving our neighbors being threatened by the oppressive promotion of abortion in our community and culture.  

In many ways, Luke and I have already been co-shepherding the staff and mission together for almost two years. Our staff has known of this transition for over a year. We’re thankful for how smoothly the change is progressing. Many of you know that such transitions in organizations can be challenging. I’m so thankful for how God has guided us in this process and has raised up from our midst such an exceptional servant-leader.  

I want you to know that your partnership and commitment to this mission is in great hands – God’s first, of course, but also under the leadership of our outstanding Board, Luke as CEO, and a staff of Directors and so many others that are amazing for their commitment to Christ and to the women, men, and babies who so desperately need to encounter the love and truth of God for their lives and relationships so they can embrace their future with hope and confidence. 

As for me, I am retiring as CEO of First Image on March 30, 2022. But, I’m not retiring from serving Christ. Since last July, I’ve been serving as the part-time Executive Director of the Oregon Pregnancy Centers Association (OPCA) which I co-founded in 2007. OPCA is a group of Oregon PRCs who partner together to strengthen our unity and integrity as we serve our common mission in our communities throughout the state. In addition, Luke and the Board have asked me to be available to First Image on a consulting basis for an additional year. And, I have also explored another possible ministry to continue to serve for my next “assignment.” So, I’ll be changing how I serve, but I will still be available and active. 

There’s so much more to share, and I encourage you to check out the dialogue Luke and I had in the video aboveYou’ll learn how God led both Luke and me to serve at First Image, more about why Luke is such a great fit for this calling, and you’ll get a sneak peek at how God is preparing First Image for this next season of compassionate impact. 

We welcome your feedback and questions. You can reach both or either of us by email: [email protected]g and [email protected]. 

So, I’ll conclude writing my last monthly letter to you as First Image’s CEO. I’m so thankful for how God has allowed me to be a small part of His amazing grace through these 20 years of connecting women, babies, and men to Jesus through this great ministry. 

Thanks to each of you for your partnership in this ministry, which God continues to demonstrate is close to His heart. I know a number of you have been partners even before I started in 2001. It’s a testimony to the faith, hope, and love of God’s people that Jesus works in our lives when we follow Him. 

I’m thankful how God has used the mission, the First Image staff and volunteers, and our generous faithful partners to transform me to know and follow Jesus more fully, as together we abide in Him.  

In His Image,  

Larry Gadbaugh, CEO as of this writing