Our Team

First Image CEO

Portrait of Larry Gadbaugh

Larry Gadbaugh

Chief Executive Officer


Portrait of Jacquie Guthrie

Jacquie Guthrie

Executive Director of Services and Operations
Portrait of Debbie Fukuda

Debbie Fukuda

Program Coordinator for Services

Program Directors

Portrait of Mindy Johnson

Mindy Johnson

Heart Director
Portrait of McKenzie Ekman

McKenzie Ekman

The Reality Project Co-Director
Portrait of Margarette Jones

Margarette Jones

The Reality Project Co-Director

Pregnancy Center Directors

Portrait of Keri Shore

Keri Shore

Gresham Center DIrector
Portrait of Jeanette Mossman

Jeanette Mossman

SE Center Director
Portrait of Brenda Saltzer

Brenda Saltzer

Beaverton Center Director

Pregnancy Center Assistant Directors

Portrait of Tanya Corkum

Tanya Corkum

Beaverton Center Assistant Director

Portrait of Randa Moore

Randa Moore

Beaverton Center Assistant Director

Tiffany Braman

Gresham Center Assistant Director

Portrait of Leah Boatright

Leah Boatright

Gresham Center Assistant Director

Portrait of Jessica Rief

Jessica Rief

SE Center Assistant Director

Portrait of Heather Doak

Heather Doak

SE Center Assistant Director

Medical Staff

Dr. Drea Olmstead

Medical Director

Portrait of Anka Radutiu

Anka Radutiu

Executive Director of Nursing
Portrait of Chris Whisman

Chris Whisman

Assistant to Director of Nursing

Haley Ayers

Beaverton Center RN

Julie Van Meter

SE Center RN

Portrait of Annie Wathen

Annie Wathen

SE Center RN

Jenny Bell

Beaverton Center RN


Portrait of Luke Cirillo

Luke Cirillo

Executive Director of Stewardship Development
Portrait of Kelsey Fong

Kelsey Fong

Events Coordinator
Portrait of Colleen Howley

Colleen Howley

Stewardship Officer
Portrait of Ashley Mills

Ashley Mills

Church Engagement & Volunteer Coordinator
Portrait of Cole Edmonson

Cole Edmonson

Marketing & Communications Coordinator


Portrait of Rick Franklin

Rick Franklin

Finance Manager
Portrait of Cary Franklin

Cary Franklin

Finance Assistant

Board of Directors

David Fisher

Board Chair

Chris Conner

Vice Chair

Annie Morris

Board Secretary

Bob Straton

Board Treasurer

Joe Thomas

Board Member

Nathan Edmonds

Board Member

Keith Thomas

Board Member

Gabe Winslow

Board Member