2023 Annual Report

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Core Values

Unqualified Compassion

The word most frequently used to describe Jesus is compassion. We do our work by entering people’s lives with love and understanding. There is nothing they need to do to earn our compassion and nothing they can do to lose it.

Redemptive Conviction

We believe that every person conceived is created in the Image of God. We seek to be a living witness to that truth and live that conviction in a way that lifts burdens in the lives of the people we serve.

Jesus- Centered Transformation

We believe that true transformation is centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ. We seek to infuse every part of our work with this core conviction.

First Image is a network of three life-affirming, pregnancy and women’s health clinics in the Portland Metro area. We are compelled by the love of Jesus Christ to empower women facing an unexpected pregnancy to make life-affirming choices by offering compassionate care, information, and medically professional pregnancy and women’s health services.

Founding Story

Meant for Good

This past year, the truth found in Genesis 50, that God can bring about beauty from ashes and use what was meant for evil for good, has encouraged us here at First Image.

May 5th, 2022

On May 5th, 2022, we experienced the first attack at one of our clinics. This incident was the first major act of vandalism reported in the country after the Dobbs leak. People from all over the country, and in our own community, poured out encouragement and generosity in response.

June 10th, 2022

On June 10th, 2022, our Gresham clinic was firebombed. The building was destroyed by fire and smoke. Our community, and people across the country, gave generously to ensure that when it reopened, the clinic would be everything we wanted it to be.

It took many hands and 15 months to rebuild but on September 10th, 2023, we celebrated the reopening of the Gresham Ava Health clinic!   

June 27, 2022

The Monday after Dobbs was decided, a group of about 50 Antifa protesters came to our headquarters, heavily tagged the building and broke out windows on the Hinson Church offices. By 10am the following morning, our incredible community had covered all of the graffiti.

You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive as they are today. So do not fear; I will provide for you and your little ones. – Genesis 50:20-21

Roni’s Story

Caring for Abortion-Minded Women

An Interview with Rachel Wilson

What works about this updated
process and why are we doing it to reach
abortion-minded patients?

This updated process works because we’re focused on a compassionate offering of information. Instead of a potential patient going down the internet hole trying to find out answers, it’s a space for her to come and ask questions, be heard, and to be offered true information and a loving space. The experience of being in those clinics is part of what works. It is a very sweet space and feels calming. We try to help her make the best decision she can, and the fact that we talk about all three options (abortion, adoption, and parenting) helps her feel she can ask questions. However, a lot of her processing is going to happen once she leaves. We tell her that we know she may come in here with one plan, but everything can change!

How does this improve upon previous
processes we had in the clinics?

One of the common phrases we use is that it’s a “problem-oriented process” rather than a “patient-oriented process.” Before, we used to follow her wherever she wanted to take it, which led to some very long appointments. For anyone who finds out they’re pregnant in unexpected times, their emotions are all over, and we’re just trying to be steady and help be with her in that. This way, we’re facing a problem, and we see how we can help her with that problem, rather than chase the emotional roller coaster. This is the problem: you’re pregnant and you’re not sure you want to be. To address that problem, there’s only so many things that you can do at this point.

It feels comforting when you’re overwhelmed to know that there are literally only three options. The patient and staff member are, together, trying to figure out the problem, rather than us chasing the patient all over. Of course, we’re still patient-centered care and we want to care for them holistically. When we make follow-up calls, the patient remembers their general good experience, that she felt cared for, she was listened to, and that she has information to make a good decision. This is exactly our goal.

In the chain of support for an unexpected pregnancy, where do we fit in?

Once we give them initial testing and information, if they’re going to carry, we want to get them to a provider as quickly as possible. We serve as the gap between their immediate mindset after finding out they are pregnant, and going to their provider to care for them and their pre-born child.

Mary’s Story

A Whole New Clinic

You gave over $100K

toward rebuilding the

Gresham Clinic!

Though we were all heartbroken over the destruction and disruption of our services for over a year, the Gresham fire allowed us to rebuild the clinic, going far beyond the complete remodel we had initially intended. Seeing the clinic burnt and gutted gave us the space and time to imagine things we wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

In September of 2023, we gathered to celebrate the reopening. The building is now warm and welcoming, with enhanced safety and security and the capacity to offer even more medically professional services to those in Gresham who are most at risk for abortion.

We continue to have an opportunity to be a living witness to God’s vision for life in all that we do and say.

Financial Report

Last year $3,134,083 was given by individuals, churches and organizations like yourselves.

*Top four boxes are data from Jan – Dec 2022

**Lower four boxes are data from Aug 2020 – Aug 2023

Thank you for partnering with us in gospel work!


We are so thankful for compassionate people motivated by the love of Jesus Christ, generously giving to make this kind of work possible.

Good Shepherd Community Church

Southwest Hills Baptist Church

Rolling Hills Community Church

Athey Creek Christian Fellowship

New Hope Community Church

River West Church

Harvest Community Church

Clackamas Bible Church

Portland Christian Center

Hinson Memorial Baptist Church

First Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Damascus Community Church

Grace Community Church

Wood Village Baptist Church

Woodstock Bible Church

Tri-City Baptist Temple

Meadow Springs Community Church

Door of Hope

Open Door Baptist Church

Cedar Mill Bible Church

Gateway Church

Southwest Bible Church

Lynchwood Church of God

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

Calvary Baptist Church

Grace and Truth Bible Church of Hillsboro

Lighthouse Community Church

Powellhurst Baptist Church

Eastridge Church

GracePointe Milwaukie Church

Calvary Chapel Worship Center Hillsboro

The Gathering Community Church

Reformation Covenant Church

Calvary Chapel Southeast

Bethany Bible Church

Hope International Baptist Church

Bethany Baptist Church

Old Town Forest Grove

East Hill Church

Bible Church of Dilley

Spring Mountain Bible Church

Trinity Community Church

Evergreen Presbyterian Church

Valley View Evangelical Church

Willamette Christian Church

Helvetia Community Church

Hillside Christian Fellowship

Westgate Baptist Church

Calvary Chapel of Gresham

Dayspring Christian Fellowship

Ascension Lutheran Church

Household of Faith – Hillsboro

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church

Shepherd’s Gate Church

Troutdale Community Church

Happy Valley Baptist Church

Woodland Park Baptist Church

Grace Christian Fellowship – FMC

Sunnyside Community Church

Grace United Reformed Church

New Life Community Fellowship

Calvary Chapel Hillsboro
Door of Hope Northeast

Peninsula Open Bible Church

First Baptist Church of Gresham

Grandview Baptist Church

International Fellowship

Laurel Community Church

St. Henry Catholic Church

Beaverton Christian Church

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