It’s always exciting to hear when a patient enjoys their experience with us and comes back because of the safety and confidentiality she finds at our Ava Clinics.

One example of this was when a young patient scheduled a second appointment with us because she loved the caring staff. She was young and had several voices speaking into her life telling her that she could terminate a pregnancy if she ever became pregnant. Sure enough, at her appointment, her pregnancy test was positive. As the advocate talked with her about her support system, she said she would have a lack of support if she decided to carry. She was then encouraged to talk to her community and stick close to those that would support her in her decision to carry. When we checked in with her later, she said that she had found supportive people in her life and could confidently choose life for her baby.


She was so thankful we encouraged her!

We would love to reach more patients like this one—ones that just need a little encouragement to believe in themselves and find people that will support them in their life-minded pregnancy decisions. 🤝

Thanks for partnering with us this summer as we provide abundant life to those who need it most!