Natalie came into our clinic one day, shocked that she was pregnant.  


The option to either parent or abort was a decision she had mixed emotions about. She was excited, yet nervous about her financial situation and unsettled about her partner’s hesitancy towards her pregnancy. While she had a relationship with God, she had no local church community to help support her in raising a child.


Our staff offered a second appointment to come in a few days later to receive more medical information and another ultrasound. She went home, read over our informative brochures, and realized that there was a third option: adoption.


So, Natalie decided to continue the pregnancy.

With this new-found hope, she returned to our clinic feeling much better about her pregnancy because of the support she had around her. Her partner decided he wanted to coparent, her parents were excited about the news, AND a church reached out to her through our church connection form. In just a few days, she realized she had the community support she needed to continue.


This is the reason that our clinics exist: to provide free medical services, options education, and support to women who don’t even know these resources exist.


Thank you for your continued partnership in this mission!