A 14-year-old client came into one of our Pregnancy Resource Centers recently with her mom. Both were sure that the home test would be confirmed as positive with our test. The young client explained that she was uncertain what her plan would be. She said she was too young to be a mother and the father of the baby had already told her he did not want this baby. The client’s mom shared how she herself was once a young client at our Westside PRC many years before when she was pregnant with her oldest son. She was grateful for the support and said she loves PRC. In her daughter’s situation, she would support any decision she made. She said she was not pushing one way over another and that either way her daughter would have to live with the consequences of her choices. 

The client did want abortion information and listened very closely as our peer counselor read the abortion procedures. The client was very anxious and was fidgeting in her seat. Mom showed no expression on her face and stared at the wall. The client listened quietly as the counselor shared about her own abortion experience and the emotional consequences that followed that decision. The client shared that she struggles with depression and that worried her no matter what she decided. The session ended with the client promising to take her time in thinking through her choices and making an ultrasound appointment for one week later. 

Prayer requests went out… 

The counselor called the client the following week and mom answered. The client had given us permission to discuss anything with her mother, and she shared that they were still not certain of her plan and they would be at the ultrasound appointment.  After the appointment, the counselor spoke with the client and found out that she had plans to tell her grandparents and many other family members that weekend that she was pregnant. Everything seemed to indicate she would carry on with her pregnancy and would not involve the unsupportive father of the baby. Mom seemed to be happy with this decision.

However, sensing the need to follow up right away, the counselor called again the following Monday. The news was difficult to hear; Mom told the counselor that her daughter had changed her mind and had made an appointment at Planned Parenthood for an abortion for the following day.

Mom went on to say that her two other children who lived in the house had tested positive for COVID-19 and that they were all under quarantine. This would make it impossible for them to make the abortion appointment. They could not leave their home for two weeks. Mom and I discussed the pressures her young daughter was going through and still was not convinced abortion was best for her. We spent time talking about God’s plan and the grace given to them during this time to give the abortion decision more time before acting.

Prayer requests went out again…

Fast forward a week later when we talked with the client again, she saw the delay in her plan as a good thing and her anxiousness was dissipating as she announced she would be carrying and parenting her baby. Her voice sounded joyful, and you could tell the weight of her previous decision was gone. The client and her mom look forward to future parenting classes at the pregnancy center, and they have plans to share the news with all their family very soon. 

— A PRC staff member


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