Following our Steps for Life event on Saturday, May 22, 2021, I had the opportunity to interview one of our volunteer fundraisers, Haley Jones, who is passionate about protecting and defending life. She served as the captain of Team ‘Heartbeat Jeremiah 24:7’; this is her story.

Q. How did you get connected with First Image?
A. I knew about the pregnancy clinics back when they were called PRC and went to fundraising folk dances with friends, but had never done something like this before. Looking back, it put a special place in my heart (and still does) to raise money, and offer hope & healing to women and their babies. It’s a start to a lifelong mission to be part of ending abortion.

Q. What or how were you encouraged to get involved with steps for life this year?
A. To be honest I had known about Steps for Life, but kind of ruled it out because I thought “Me??? Of all the people? No way! I would be awful at it….. Even though it looks fun I still wanted to do something with my youth group but wasn’t sure how. My sister was scrolling social media and saw a friend who had a team with her family. She was like “ Haley you could totally do this!!!” The more I thought about it and with the encouragement and the go-ahead from my parents I set out to work right away.

Q. What was fundraising like for you?
A. In the 6 weeks that we did Steps for Life, I learned a lot. Some would say I took the captain part very seriously, but when I realized that God wanted me to do this, there was no turning back for me! I came to love texting our team’s group chat with updates and encouragement, calling people and giving them my sales pitch for life, and being a 3 time daily Instagram story updater to remind all my followers that they could protect life and donate. 🙂

Q. Was there anything you learned or realized as you were talking to people about the work of First Image?
A. When I told people about our team we had so much support. Lots of people said they were so happy and proud of us, and that they were praying for us. This helped me realize that people want to do something about abortion, they just don’t know how.

Q. Anything else on your heart you’d like to share?
A. The fundraiser really taught me one thing- to never give up no matter what. Never in my life would I have imagined that I could be a part of something like this with my team, youth group, and church. The truth is though we didn’t do it. God did. He just put us here for a reason… I won’t ever stop fighting for their rights, and their life because I know there would have been someone doing that for me.

A huge thank-you to Haley and everyone else who participated in fundraising and giving as part of Steps for Life this year!