What if women that are facing pregnancy in our city knew that our Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) are trustworthy, caring, and an essential resource?  

Due to some misinformation campaigns that have plagued PRCs, many women either don’t know about PRC or they aren’t sure they can trust us to honor their rights. There are two projects we’ve launched to overcome these barriers.  

First, we continue to expand and upgrade our digital client advertising so that women can find us. 

We know that women love what they experience when they come to our centers. Almost universally, our client’s appointment survey feedback shows us they feel safe, loved, educated, and connected to the resources they need. Once they experience our caring staff and volunteers and receive an ultrasound which opens their eyes to the life they are carrying, this helps to calm any anxiety they may have felt and gives them courage to parent or enter the adoption process.  

Second, we are upgrading two of our centers that need expansion and renovation so we can provide additional medical and professional services while remaining welcoming and attractive in keeping with our caring mission. 

We need your help as we do this. We’ve already launched the Southeast Center expansion and remodel. Since adding Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing, our Southeast Center has become our busiest location. The expansion and remodel will enable us to provide more opportunities for medical services, education and on-going relationship with our clients. I’ve included some pictures of the projects so far. We’d love to give you a brief personal tour of our centers. When partners visit our centers, they are always surprised to see how much our staff accomplish in these spaces. 


One of our contractors has already decided to donate his materials and labor as part of the project (over $7,000 worth!). Would you give towards the remaining $50,000 that it will cost to complete the Southeast Center expansion?  In the Fall, we plan to upgrade and modernize our Gresham center, which is our longest-serving PRC. We haven’t been able to make improvements at this site since 1992. (This project will cost about $20,000.)

Give today at https://first-image.org/give-to-center-upgrades/.

The current political agenda against the mission of First Image brings continuing challenge to reach the women and their babies who so desperately need our alternative voice and services so they can receive the accurate education and resources they need to face pregnancy, birth, and the first couple years with their baby with health and hope.  

Thank you for considering joining with us in extending our outreach to women by expanding our centers. 

In His Image,
Larry Gadbaugh, CEO