Recently, Larry Gadbaugh, our CEO, interviewed Randy Alcorn for our Steps for Life 2020 event and we aired a shortened segment during our live webcast. You can watch the full interview below, either in its full length (the first video), or broken up by question (the following video clips).

Find out more about Randy Alcorn and Eternal Perspectives Ministries at https://epm.org

The full interview (58:50):

The individual questions:

Q1: How are you and Nanci doing through the COVID-19 situation?

Q2: What led you to your convictions and passion for the sanctity of human life?

Q3: How have your beliefs been tested and solidified?

Q4: Can you share some key scriptures?

Q5: What is your connection to the beginnings of PRC / First Image?

Q6: How does the sanctity of human life connect with your overall emphasis on eternal perspective?

Q7: What would you say to someone whose passion is waning?

Q8: What projects are you working on currently?

Q9: How can we encourage people to equip themselves to make a difference?

A huge thank-you to Randy Alcorn and Eternal Perspective Ministries for their support of First Image and Steps for Life!