Gloria* came to our clinic knowing she was pregnant, but had her mind made up. She was alone, addicted to drugs, and working at a local strip club. Her other three children were living in a different state because she was not able to care for them right now. The father of this new baby was in jail.

She would abort. It felt like her only option.

Twice in one year – Gloria couldn’t believe she was pregnant again. A few months earlier, she had an abortion and was still hurting from that experience. She was not convinced it was the right thing to do, but due to her circumstances, she couldn’t see any other way. She cried to her advocate and said her main concern was finding shelter. She was homeless, cold, and hungry. She couldn’t envision how she could remain pregnant and be healthy while living on the streets without support and basic needs.

As an organization providing assistance regarding more than just pregnancy decisions, we were able to comfort her emotionally and help her practically. Along with our free life-giving services, we were able to provide Gloria with additional resources and referrals to local housing programs.

We believe the gospel reveals how Jesus cared for each person with respect and dignity. Through simple caring conversations, He revealed love and grace in the midst of past mistakes, pains, and failures. Since we are all created in the image of God, this is how we treat all individuals who come into our clinics. Our clinics provide not only free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds but also over a hundred other resources and referrals to help women who are facing unplanned pregnancy.

It is our desire to minister to the entirety of our client’s needs and share the love of Christ with each person. We exist to help women like Gloria.

(*name has been changed)