We had the privilege to interview Megan, the business owner of Strong Momma’s, and partner of First Image. Through an incredibly generous and innovative business model, she has integrated support of mothers and the children they carry right into the center of her work. We are deeply grateful to have her support and are excited that Strong Momma’s is a Steps for Life sponsor this year! 

How did you get connected to First Image/PRC?

Several years ago, a representative of First Image/PRC visited our church. She was available to answer questions and explain more about the vision and ministry of PRC. I had recently given birth to my second son, and the stories and difficulties of the mothers that PRC served obviously resonated with me. I wanted to help somehow.

What is it specifically about the work and mission of our ministry that drew you into becoming a partner and supporter? 

I wholeheartedly believe in the individual value of every human being. Every person is created in the image of God, uniquely and creatively designed specifically by Him, and given a purpose and plan for this world. I know that motherhood is extremely challenging, and I know that circumstances can be out of our control and beyond difficult. But God is the master at stepping into the misery and into the lives of women shoved to the margins to offer hope and life in an otherwise impossible situation. God is using First Image/PRC to step into these impossible situations, saving the lives of babies, and providing answers, hope and His love to families that are desperate for it

We’d love to hear about your business, what you do, and who you serve. Could you tell us more? 

I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach that works almost exclusively with women that are looking for a counter-cultural way of doing fitness. My company is called Strong Mommas, and it teaches moms how to eat healthy, how to be strong (not just skinny!), and how to do all of this with a heavenly perspective. As women, we’re inundated with expectations to look a certain way, perform a certain way, and do it all effortlessly. Because of these expectations, so many are clamoring after diets and workout programs that lead to even more discouragement and bondage. I teach a practical way to eat healthy that leads to a complete lifestyle change, not just a short-term diet. I also teach workouts that reveal the beauty of strength and the value of muscles. And I make sure that all of it is sprinkled with grace, never-ending encouragement, and a pursuit of contentment in the unique bodies that God gave us.

How have you integrated giving into the way your business works? 

The primary service I offer is an online membership program, the Strong Mommas Membership. Women subscribe to this ongoing program, that provides her with all the tools she needs for monthly workouts, help with her nutrition, and ongoing support through a larger community of women. Half of her membership fees every month are donated to First Image/PRC and other local ministries.

How can people connect with you and your work?

You can follow me on Facebook (@strongmommas) and on Instagram (@strong_mommas). You can also discover a world of fitness and nutrition tips, including workouts, meal plans, and my inspirational blog at www.strong-mommas.comSTRONG MOMMA’S BLOG INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK

How has First Image impacted you personally?

Partnering with First Image by allowing a major part of my business to support the work and mission of the organization has taught me to trust God more deeply. Every day I must purposely submit to His plans for me and my business and allow Him to direct my paths. My faithfulness to this cause has softened my heart and even opened doors I never thought possible. God can dramatically use something that seems so insignificant and unimportant as a fitness and nutrition program for moms to have a major impact on the lives of other moms, families, and even unborn babies.

-Megan Dahlman