This year we featured a recent client named Jolondra, and her two children, Jamante and Jeice for our 2018 Christmas Card. When Jolondra came to our center, she was afraid and without support, already a raising a child, but because of the hope and help she received at PRC, she isn’t scared anymore. 

“I am a single mom. I walked away for a time and lost my way. I reached out to Pregnancy Resource Centers because, after 9 years, it felt like I was pregnant with my first child again. The women at PRC made me feel like I have a family to turn to when I need prayer or support. Their love for families and children gave me peace. I am not afraid anymore to live my new life as a single mom with two boys. I love them.” 

We are giving God all the praise and are truly humbled when women, like Jolondra, receive the love of Jesus as they face the fear of pregnancy. It’s truly like Christmas year-round at the PRCs of First Image when women encounter Christ through our compassionate care and can experience His peace.

Thank you for joining us this year in bringing the love and presence of Christ to thousands of women so they can replace their fear with sacrificial love for their children

Give the Peace of Jesus This Season

In the coming year, we will have the opportunity to bring peace to into the lives of over 4,000 women facing an unplanned pregnancy. Everything we do is at no cost to our clients. Your gift this season will help women overcome fear and give life.  It cost’s $120 to provide everything we offer to one client and $50 to perform one ultrasound.