Rick Livingston has been involved with First Image for 27 years! He is our all-time top Steps for Life Individual Fundraiser, having raised $73,682 over the years he’s been walking with us. Sadly, he is moving away this year. Thank you for your years of service Rick! You will be missed. We are sure you will be a blessing to others as you have been to us as you start the next chapter of your life. Before he left we were able to sit down and ask him why he’s so passionate about this mission. 

I heard, back in 1990, that First Image (aka Pregnancy Resource Center, aka Crisis Pregnancy Center) was providing a real alternative to abortion that was proactive and positive, really helping women and families.

It is on the front line of compassionate care for women going through an unplanned, inconvenient and sometimes very troubling pregnancy as well as saving the lives of “the least of these brothers and sisters of Christ” (Mt 25:40 NIV).

I am also aware that they approach their ministry as missionaries of the gospel, sharing the love of Christ and leading many hearts to salvation through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I never faltered in my faith in how God was using this ministry.

Also, as the mother and father of eight great children, my wife and I found the Steps for Life walk to be a very family-friendly event, to which we and our children looked forward each year. Our children were influenced in a very positive way by our participation in Steps for Life. In fact, three of our kids took the torch at different times to be major fundraisers. Two of our children have also been involved in another “pro-life” ministry reaching out to people with disabilities.

It is important for people to be involved with this ministry because it genuinely helps people in need, saves innocent lives and sends a message that we care for the women and babies involved beyond just wanting to prevent the horror of abortion

Written by, Rick Livingston