We invite you to join Maryann, a Steps for Life Rep, and countless others as we walk for Life on May 20th. Maryann is a long time supporter and has been passionate about the work for over 20 years. Like Maryann, we want to continue responding to the issue of abortion with compassion as we work to save and transform lives.

I became passionate about this ministry when I was living in Tuscon, Arizona and heard about the Pregnancy Resource Centers there. I learned about the work that they do to help women facing an unplanned pregnancy and their efforts to save the lives of unborn children.

Here are a few reasons why this cause is so close to my heart:

I was born after the war in Germany in 1948. I am still not sure why, but I was put into an orphanage at birth, and lived there until I was 6 years old. In 1955, an American Soldier and his wife adopted me and brought me to the United States.

As a young woman, I was raped and became pregnant. I was so afraid. The doctor I saw told me that I needed to have an abortion and gave me many good reasons to do so.

I struggled for several days, but I decided to keep the baby.  

I am so very glad that I did to this day. And yet, at that time, there was no one to go to, to talk things over with, to give me comfort, or to walk with me after I had decided to keep the child because I could not tell anyone how I had gotten pregnant. There I was, all alone in a world full of people in my life, and yet no one to turn to, except this doctor, who felt I would be better off having an abortion.

So years later when PRC came about, and I learned how they save babies and help women facing unplanned pregnancy, I jumped at the opportunity to become involved, and have been for the past 20 years.

Working with PRC, now First Image, the last two decades, I have seen it through many stages of life. Yet when the Steps for Life Walkathon comes, and I see all the people and children and hear their stories, I am so moved and so blessed each time.

The staff of First Image works year round to raise support and to get others involved, yet people like me spend a short period of time once a year reminding people of Steps for Life.

It can feel small and insignificant, but in my heart, I know the three short months I spend sharing, inviting, meeting people, and raising money for First Image is about the lives that we are able to have a hand in bringing to life.

I am confident that we each have a part to play and that our contribution matters.

As I see a newborn baby growing, I am reminded that my birth mother also had a choice, and she choose to give me life.

Written by, Maryann Healy-Brown