You may remember a story we sent out earlier this year, about a girl named Lila, only fourteen years old and pregnant. Her family situation proved to be so unstable that I was called in as support in case things got too out of hand. Lila was torn between an angry father who wanted her to abort, a mother who wanted her to carry, and her own uncertain wishes.

Even after an ultrasound that same day and gentle counseling from our staff, the family left with heavy hearts, undecided but leaning towards keeping the baby. We prayed fervently as a staff that God would continue to intervene in their lives with His grace, but at that point, praying was all we could do.

Shortly after this encounter, Lila came back for a second ultrasound with her mom and boyfriend. There was excitement all around to see the baby again.

However, after the appointment, when things seemed to be going well, Lila’s mother informed the staff that they, in fact, did have an abortion scheduled only days away.

Her boyfriend was fighting for Lila and the baby, against her family who now wished for an abortion because she was so young. Before they left, our staff explained that no one could force Lila to get an abortion.

Again, all we could do was pray and keep praying for this young girl and the life she carried.

Our Portland Clinic Manager, Natalie, who was there each step of the way, was able to follow up with this family just last month, and with much joy, she found out that their prayers were answered – Lila had not gone through with the abortion and had recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy! Natalie was able to speak with Lila’s mom, now a proud grandma and so in love with this new life.

Not every client we meet will end up choosing life like Lila did, but we trust in God and his power to transform lives even in the midst of turmoil and opposing voices.