Hear from a high school student who recently visited Insight. 

I was sure I was pregnant and not sure at all what to do or where to go. I hadn’t told anyone about being pregnant yet. I felt alone and scared. I had seen the Insight Mobile Ultrasound van near my high school and thought maybe they could help me. I decided to go. I was incredibly nervous and feeling ashamed; I didn’t want anyone from school to see me…

Alexa began to share her story with me. Things were not good. She came from a tough background, already had a young daughter and her boyfriend was now in jail. I started to pray that God would help her to know his love and that she would feel his peace.

The more she talked to the nurse and me, the more she opened up. She was clearly anxious about the pregnancy, but also excited about the child growing inside of her. She asked if we could give her an ultrasound and it became evident that she had a thirsting to know more about God. I quietly asked for the Lord’s guidance as I handed her the Father’s Letter, with hopes she would come to know God’s love.

I felt myself beginning to trust these two women. They were very kind and non-judgmental. One of them handed me a brochure that had Bible verses on it. It said things like how God made me and how He knows, loves, and forgives me. At the end there was a prayer to receive Jesus as my savior. The counselor asked if I wanted to pray that prayer with them and I really did. I also wanted that prayer to be for my daughter and the new baby, that they would know Jesus too.

I had no idea that coming in just for a pregnancy test would change my life in such a good way; I was starting to actually believe I was loved.

I prayed and cried, and at the end they told me we were now sisters in Christ.

Through tears, Alexa asked if we could give her some referrals because she wanted to find a church she could start going to. We gave her a Bible, but she asked for two! She wanted to give one to her boyfriend in jail.

I couldn’t thank these two women enough for how much they had helped me and in so many different ways! I now have hope in a loving God and I am planning on finishing high school and being a great mom!