Since our first Pregnancy Resource Center opened over 30 years ago, one of the most powerful tools we’ve had available to us has been the pregnancy test.

When a woman comes into one of our centers, unsure of whether she is pregnant, we offer her a free pregnancy test. 

The results of that test, whether positive or negative, provide an incredible opportunity to be present and speak life and truth at a critical moment.

The message that a woman and her partner receive at this point can define the way she responds to the pregnancy.

It can mean the difference between choosing to carry or abort her child.

After all, 68% of all tests given at our centers turn out to be positive. We want to be there, in that moment, to offer hope and practical support. And we know that you, as partners in this ministry, want to be there for these women in those life-changing moments to give hope, too.

So during the month of August, we want to raise all of the money necessary to provide pregnancy tests for the next year and we’re asking you to help fulfill this goal.

That means in the next month we would need to raise $2,500 in order to cover the costs for pregnancy tests for the year. 

If just 100 people gave $25, together we would easily raise the resources it takes to provide pregnancy tests to women at a critical moment. 

We invite you to partner with us to bring the light of Christ into situations that often feel bleak. We also ask that for those of you already supporting the mission of First Image and its Pregnancy Resource Centers, that this gift be an addition to what you normally give.

To help us reach our goal for the year, give here. 

We’re thankful to God in advance for your generous participation in the work He’s doing in the lives of young women and their yet to be born children.


In His Image,

Larry Gadbaugh, CEO