Afraid and trapped, all she could think about was abortion. Two days later something changed and she remembered what she heard at Ava Health. 

My name is Mei. I am trapped. Abortion is my only option.


As I shared my situation with my advocates and the ultrasound nurse, I could tell they understood how impossible my circumstances are. My marriage is falling apart. My husband has to work two low-paying jobs, and still we can’t pay our bills. We both fled China when I was pregnant with our daughter to escape persecution and my husband’s legal issues. We have no family here and my husband and I have both been denied work permits.


I feel like I’m raising our 20 month old daughter alone. I’m ashamed to admit that there are moments that we’re so miserable that I regret that I gave birth to her. And here I find myself pregnant again.


The best thing I can do for this baby is to spare it from a horrible life.


The nurse tried to share with me from her past experience, but I’m so upset, I’m not hearing a thing she’s saying. My life is so bad, I just want an abortion.


She’s very gentle and caring, but my turmoil overwhelms my mind. She encouraged me to consider an ultrasound, but I don’t know if I can keep the appointment.


I’m planning on taking the abortion pill from another clinic instead.


A few weeks later my husband and I have come back to Ava Health for my ultrasound. I share with the nurse what has happened:


I didn’t hear anything you said to me when I came last time. I was so distraught; all I could think about was getting an abortion. But two days later, I remembered what you said.


 I remember you told me I am not alone, that there is hope and to believe things can change and get better.  I remember you told me you had an abortion and that you regret it. You told me not to do anything quick, to think about it first.


When I telephoned my mother in China and told her I was pregnant and planning to have an abortion, she told me, “No, don’t have an abortion. A long time ago I had one when I was sixteen weeks pregnant. The government forced me to and it broke my heart.”


My mother-in-law called me from China and said her cat is pregnant and the ultrasound showed four or five kittens.  She said she wants to have an abortion for the cat, because she won’t be able to find homes for those kittens. I told her, “No, you cannot take the life of something that is living.”  

Then I realized I have a baby living inside of me and I cannot take that baby’s life. A person is more important than a kitten.


When I told my husband that I am pregnant, he told me I couldn’t have an abortion.  He said only God can take a life. He said he would be there for me and our children and promised to help out more.


So, we’re here for the ultrasound.

God used Mei’s mother, her mother-in-law, a cat, and her husband to consider a different decision about her pregnancy. Then, the Spirit of God brought to her mind the hope and perspective that our advocates had offered to her – even though she hadn’t been listening at the time.

After Mei and her husband decided to keep their baby, they found out that both of their work permits had been approved. Mei’s husband was offered a good paying job and is able to spend time everyday with their daughter.

Every day at First Image’s Ava Health Clinics, we have the privilege of serving women like Mei. We get to see His providential grace and we trust Him to provide the resources we need to care for them.

Thank you for being part of offering help and hope to Mei and her family.

Mei was so overcome that she said,

“You can take my picture, write my story. I can even write my story or tell other people my story.  I want to tell other women what you told me…that they may regret having an abortion and to not do anything quick, to think about it first. I want to tell women that the baby inside of them is a life.”